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We are located in Jundiaí- São Paulo- Brazil, having started our breeding program with German Shepherds.

In 1999, as a birthday gift to Luciana (my girlfriend that was afraid of dogs), I looked for a new breed, that had no qualities of guardian dog but that was, at the same time, kind, smart, with medium to large size and had a rustic aspect. Wasn’t hard to think in a Labrador and then I started to look for a good female, that had enough qualities to start a selected breeding program.

It was very easy to find the Summer Side Kennel, a renowned kennel with a solid breeding program. Trusting in the opinion of the owner, Vânia Valério Cassanha, whom I can attribute part of our successful breeding, I brought home our “SHARON”, choose by her, and the one that according her view was that female with all the qualities I was looking for.

SHARON is a wonderful chocolate Labrador, very typical, with an exceptional pedigree. She has an amazing temperament and gave us amazing kids. She has been a joy in our lives. I guess there aren’t enough words and enough space to describe what she mean to us over here!

Thanks Vânia for letting us have this precious jewel.

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Breeding principles

We only breed for love.

Our dogs always have what is better.

We don’t breed dogs for our convenience. This mean that we always search a stud dog that can complete our females.

We only use at the kennel top products: vaccines, dog foods, pharmacy, ecc…

Our employees are trained to treat the dogs.

Our dogs aren’t products. We are not an industry of dogs. We have a small, but selected group of bitches and stud dogs, what allow us to give them all the attention that they need.

We have two or tree litters a year.

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Phone: (11) 7732-6820 / (11) 7831 - 2185
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